Vassilios (Billy) Chrissochos is the UNESCO Piraeus NY Director of Modern Music, an awarded music video editor, and member of ASCAP. He is the primary composer, historical consultant, and producer of “Anna and Vladimir: The love that ROCKED the world” which debuted at Carnegie Hall and Off-Broadway. In 1998, Billy founded the New York-based Rock group Phoenix Reign and by 2007 recorded the album “Destination Unknown.” Phoenix Reign was reformed as Porphyra by 2013 and with that came into fruition the album “Faith, Struggle, Victory.” This album and 2017’s follow up “The Starmaker’s Prophecy” laid the foundation for the Rock Opera “Anna and Vladimir” and many other exciting projects. The single “City of Gold” off the new album “The Starmaker’s Prophecy” was also featured on the Amazon Prime’s series “Old Dogs/New Tricks. The albums fuse traditional Greek music with Hard Rock and Metal. Greek Mythology, History, Love and sci-fi themes make for compelling grand stories you must experience by listening for yourselves!