Founded by Vassilios and Despina Chrissochos, the Porphyra Foundation aims to promote cross-cultural education through compassionate and inspirational works. 


The mission of the Foundation is to educate, challenge and entertain audiences with productions that range from theater, classical and rock operas to film, books and educational seminars. Porphyra Foundation seeks to establish and maintain an organization to foster and encourage scholastic achievement and intellectual advancement.


The Foundation can offer financial educational awards to deserving students through all available means and methods; such as grants, stipends, and scholarships. The Foundation can accept donations from interested individuals, charitable and educational organizations, corporations, agencies, and other interested institutions.


Porphyra Foundation can accept, hold, invest, reinvest and administer any gifts, grants, bequests, devices, benefits of trust (but not act as trustee of any trust) and property of any sort, without limitations as to amount or value.


Porphyra Foundation has the right to use, disburse, donate the income or principal thereof exclusively for the charitable and educational purposes of the scholarship fund.


We Love To Inspire.

Porphyra Foundation Inc. is a non profit 501-C3 organization. We need your support to continue our educational programs.

All donations are tax DEDUCTIBLE.