Our Lectures Are Historically Based On Hellenic Subject Matter.

Some of the lectures so far are “The Historical Significance of OHI Day,” “Byzantium’s Macedonian Renaissance,” “Macedonia through the Ages: Greece’s indomitable force of Hellenism” and “1821: the Liberation of Greece” among many others. His lecture on “The Macedonian Dynasty of Byzantine Greece, 862-1057 AD” was published online by Politismos Museum of Greek History.

Hellenic History Series

Our page is devoted to bringing to life Hellenic (Greek) history via original animated educational videos, original art, books, and music. Our channel began as a tool to educate with original programming such as “The Quest for the Prometheus” and other shows. Now we are becoming the online video archive for rare and forgotten gems of Greek-inspired films, animated shows, concerts, and documentaries. Shows for our young viewers and the entire family. We are creating subtitles as well. Let’s remember why we are all proud to be a little Greek once again with the Hellenic History Series!