Vassilios Chrissochos co-founded the Hellenic American Center of the Arts with world-renown opera composer, Panagioti Karousos. The goal of the Center is to promote Greek history and mythology through modern forms of music such as Heavy Metal and Classical Music.

Panagioti is a Greek-Canadian composer who brings to his music the philosophy and spiritualism of the Greek Classics. He structures his works around Pythagorean mathematical forms and infuses them with Avant-Garde modern styles.

Panagioti’s main current touring works are “The Olympic Flame” based on Sophocles’ tragedy “Trachiniea” and “Prometheus,” which is based on Aeschylus tragedy, “Prometheus Bound.”

Vassilios produced “The Olympic Flame” for the Greek New York Independence Day Parade celebrations and to commemorate the Rio Summer Olympics in  2016 at Lincoln Center. The Olympic Flame by Panagiotis Karousos is the second part of the Hellenic Tetralogy: “The Dawn of Civilization” (Prometheus – Olympic Flame – Alexander the Great – The Light of Christianity).